“Solar Flare” Crayon Art

I loved “colors” as a kid, and nothing was more exciting than opening a fresh box of Crayola Crayons and getting to work on a coloring book. Now that I am grown I still love color, but I don’t really have much time for coloring. In my hours of browsing through Pinterest I have come across several different varieties of crayon art that I am in love with. Two of my favorite pieces of art can be found at these sites: the blog My Chocolate Moments and a glorious seller on Etsy, JKCreate. Who knew melting crayons would be so wonderful?! Anyway, I decided I’d give this a shot. It is my first attempt at real artwork, so I was a bit nervous. It turned out fine, though.

We needed artwork to put on the walls in my office so I decided I wanted something original on my wall. We have a small office and my coworker and I wanted to put art on the 3 walls we have to brighten the room. We have a window that looks out into the lobby of our office building and we have a skylight that gives some sunlight into our office. It’s not real sunlight, but it’s a natural glow. When I started to pick out the items for the artwork I was thinking about a sunburst with glitter around the edges of each circle burst.

Canvas, crayons, superfine glitter, hair dryer.

Superfine glitters. I picked these up at Hobby Lobby.



The glitter package had some really pretty red & pink colors so I decided to throw in some red and violet crayons. I didn’t take a picture of the boring part, but I had to peel the wrapper off of the crayons which is a little bit of a pain. No worries, though. Idle hands are the Devil’s playground. It’s easy work to do. In my head I am still envisioning a sunburst but I am seriously underestimating my ability to melt & quickly twirl crayons.

Unwrapped base colors in yellow to red orange, silver to orange glitters.

First “bursts” in yellow – these were pretty hard to do and kept getting harder.

I purchased a travel-size hair dryer for this project. I actually don’t use a hair dryer for myself so I wasn’t interested in spending a lot of money for one. I am glad I made this decision because any bigger and it probably would have burned my fingers. It took about a minute to get a really good drip and you have to twirl quickly because: 1) if you take the hair dryer away they cool very quickly, and 2) if you leave the hair dryer on it blows the wax all over the canvas. This comes in handy later but for now I am just thinking “bursts”.

Yellow, Golden Yellow, Apricot, Orange

As I twirled each crayon in a circle, I sprinkled glitter around the edges of the bursts. I used silver glitter around the edges of yellow, gold around the edges of the golden yellow, bronze around the apricot, and copper around the orange. Again, another reason I am glad I purchased a cheap dryer (about $13.00) is that it is covered in glitter. 🙂 I am not great at photography and these are all taken on a cell phone camera, so I didn’t take a ton of pictures of the process. It was tough to get pictures of the twirling action but I used my fingers and heated the ends of the crayons to get the circles.

Circles have started spreading from the dryer and I’ve started painting some of the crayons on.


There is one smear of yellow green crayon on the far right and it was too green for the project. I left it and later added one other smear of yellow green on the other side and it looks great. By this point I am just trying to get it mostly filled in with the yellow to orange colors before I add in my red, red violet, and violet red. I have already used some red orange and scarlet in the above photo. I wanted the edges to have a drip so they wouldn’t be plain. I did this by hanging the pointed edges of the crayon right at the edge and blowing on them until they pooled up, then using the dryer to spread it down the edges. It worked really well this way.

This is after I’ve finished adding the red-violets.


I didn’t get pictures of the red to violet red parts, but I twirled a couple of smaller pieces of the red and violet red to make small flares, and then got the tips really melted and drew lines through and around the bursts. This is how I got the colors to the one spot towards the top in this picture. I turned it upside down later and like it the other way around.

“Solar Flare” artwork ready to be hung in my office!

I signed the upper right corner (yeah, it’s at the top! what of it?) and I sprayed it with a Gloss Mod Podge sealer. I did this so the glitter wouldn’t come off. I absolutely love it! I am going to make a second one and I will post more about that project later! I am so excited and my boss loves it. This was such a fun project and I definitely recommend giving it a shot when you have some free time. It would be really fun with a group of friends!