Reusing Old Candle Jars

I have no problem admitting that I am a packrat. I love to hold onto “useful” things, such as old pieces of fabric, glass jars, or frames that could be re-purposed. Those books I read as a child? Yep, I’ve still got ’em. Clothes that don’t fit? If I love the fabric enough, it’s stuffed in a bag waiting for the perfect use. My newest obsession is saving glass – jars that were once full of syrupy fruit and jars with leftover candle wax in them. In the past, I have always thrown them away. What was I going to do with a waxy candle jar? And then came this handy blog from Yellow Brick Home.

She has much better pictures of the actual process, but I had a fun experience and will provide tips as I go here. I had a couple of large candle jars that will make excellent apothecary jars and some small jars that make excellent rocks glasses.

As you can see, I did not get pictures of an actual “before”, but I’m pretty sure we all know what used candle jars look like – a thin layer of wax holding the wick in place and it just never burns! All you have to do is pour boiling water into the candle and let it cool. Most of them came up on the first try. I let them cool overnight, but it’s not really necessary to wait that long.

Notice the jars with red wax aren’t clean – I had to use quite a bit of water as they didn’t burn down very well and they didn’t come up as easily. The author of the blog had soy candles, and these are just regular Glade candles so I’m not sure if that makes a difference in melting temps. I am too lazy to look that up, but I was able to remedy the situation just fine.

I just poured the boiling water into the jars, removed the pan from the heat, and set the jars inside of the water. Within a few hours the red wax had all risen to the top and I was able to cut into it with a knife and remove it. Notice they are all wax-free! Just wash them very well, scrub any remaining wax or paper off, and I would recommend sterilizing them regardless of what you’re using them for.

True to my nature, I saved the pieces of wax in a container and I’m storing them for future use. I am so excited that I was able to reuse these things! Now I don’t feel bad buying candles and I can start making containers for my bathroom, kitchen, and craft supplies. It’s a win-win! Check out the blog at Yellow Brick Home for better instructions and pictures – and let her know how much you appreciate this because it’s such a money-saver.

– Miranda