Why “Pin-spire Me”?

I am a self-proclaimed Internet junkie. Since my very first experience with AOL (I was in the 6th grade!) I have been hooked. Some days I even long for dial-up sounds, nostalgic for times when chatting with friends on AIM was my only real use for the Internet. During high school I dabbled with HTML and CSS, and while all of that is in my past, I still find the Internet a relaxing, comforting place where I can get lost in the screen for hours at a time. And just when I feel like there’s nothing more for me to do with my old friend, along comes another web innovation – this time it was Pinterest.

I often wonder what it is us ladies did before Pinterest. Where did all of these fantastic ideas come from and how did we share them before? My mother tells me that is what family get-togethers are for. Alas, my family doesn’t partake in the type of functions that produce creative conversations. I will admit that I rejected the idea of getting a Pinterest account at first – I always do this. Subconsciously I must know how much time is going to be wasted, hypnotized by the screen. But this is different! I get hypnotized by the screen, and I get motivated to do things around my apartment.

Now, who would have thought wasting time on the Internet would actually lead to something productive? What about something productive AND creative? Pin-spire Me is a collection of amazing recipes, crafts, or general ideas – mostly found on Pinterest – that I have been able to put to use in my daily life. I will post vegetarian recipes that I have tested, links to blogs and ideas that spur my artwork, and plenty of commentary about the wonders of baking soda & vinegar – who knew you could use them for virtually EVERYTHING in your home? (Okay, I’m sure some of you already knew it.)

So, there you have it. I have been pin-spired. I would love to hear about other “pin”teresting blogs or ways Pinterest has inspired you! Take a look around and feel free to add comments, questions, or suggestions. đŸ™‚


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