Bath Towel Rug

I started this project back in August of 2012 on a craft day with my best friend. I found it on Pinterest and thought it looked fun and easy; little did I know how time-consuming this would be. 😉 The website I found it at says it’s an eco-friendly bath rug and I had so many towels that it was no problem cutting up a few.

What you’ll need:

  • A “latch rug” canvas or gridded matting (mine was 18″ x 30″)
  • Towels you don’t mind cutting up
  • Scissors


Latch rug canvas and a towel
I cut up one towel at a time since I didn’t know how many I would actually need. Cutting up the towels was the hardest part of this project – my fingers were literally numb after cutting the first towel. I cut the strips about 5 inches long, maybe a little less, and between 1/4-1/2″ in width.

First time around

First towel completed
I went all the way around the edges first, and I knotted the towel strips on each square for the outer edges. I wanted to be sure it was stable and not falling apart. It’s definitely not going to fall apart. Once I got done with the first white towel, I decided I wanted to add some color.

Second towel

At this point I’ve cut up three (3) full towels and I’m ready to keep knotting! I only knotted each strip one time through the canvas. It’s not necessary to “double knot”, in case you are wondering.

Third towel
Almost done with third towel

By the way, this is probably 2 months into the project. I did most of the work on it while I was watching/listening to lectures for school. It’s nice busy work to keep from getting distracted with Pinterest. 😉

Fourth  - hand towel
Fifth towel

As you can see, I’m keeping up with the color! Most of these are odd-ball towels that didn’t have “matches”. The turquoise color is a hand towel and made it around once. At this point I am only knotting towel strips around every other square in the canvas. It’s getting thick and it’s not necessary to put one on each square.

Sixth towel
This is sometime around Christmas and the beginning of this year. I’ve used a really pale blue, medium blue, turquoise, dark green, and now a purple towel. I was hoping this would be the last one but I ended up using part of a seventh towel. I didn’t take pictures of the cut up portions of the last towel, but I think you get the point by now!

Close up of towels
Back of rug

The last towel I used is bright green, just for fun. There are a TON of little towel pieces to clean up after you are done, and you will get them all over yourself. BUT, it’s totally worth it because you now have a new rug, recycled some old towels, and chances are, feeling pretty proud! I know I am.

Finished rug

This rug is super-soft and while it’s a nice one for a bathroom, I am using it just as decor right now. It feels wonderful and I got a great compliment from a friend on it! It was also quite a bit of fun, but it took me until the end of January to complete it. You can probably do it MUCH faster, but again, this is a “spare time” project for me and the end result is totally worth all of the numb fingers.


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