Broiled Avocadoes with Parmesan and Hot Sauce

As my first post at Pin-spired, I am going to share this wonderful vegetarian recipe that I re-pinned. I absolutely love avocados and I’ve only recently developed a taste for them. Five years ago I wouldn’t have touched one, but one day I got a craving for them and it hasn’t stopped since. They are filling and full of healthy fats – and I love healthy fat!

I found the recipe at Morsels and Musings. She made hers with chipotle sauce but I used Frank’s Buffalo Wing Sauce on mine. First, I didn’t realize I had Louisiana Hot Sauce but I made it once with Frank’s and once with Louisiana and I loved it most with the buffalo sauce. You can scoop it out with a fork and it is wonderfully delicious! I am so glad I found this quick little snack because it is a new favorite. Hope you enjoy as much as I do! 🙂

– Miranda


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